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We gather to pray and play, study and sing, worship and wonder, all for the purpose to build God's kingdom,  grow in love, and deepen our relationship with Jesus.

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Sunday Schedule

8:00am Holy Eucharist Rite II (spoken)

10:00am Holy Eucharist Rite II (with Choir)

5:00pm Themed music, scripture reading, votive candle lighting, prayers & communion


2140 Mission Avenue Carmichael, CA 95608


The Bishop's Election 2019

Episcopal Diocese of Northern California

Link to the Bishop's search page

Link to the Diocesan's Profile

Timeline and procedures

October 14 – November 12, 2017

Open call for nominations to serve on the Search Committee

November 4, 2017

The Rt. Rev. Barry L Beisner addresses Diocesan Convention, announces his intention to retire and call for the election of a new diocesan bishop. A resulting resolution affirms the Bishop’s address.

Late November, 2017

The Standing Committee names the Search Committee

December 2, 2017

Mandatory retreat for the Search Committee, St. John’s, Roseville

Spring 2018

Search Committee posts Diocesan Profile

Summer 2018

Transition Committee is named

Late fall 2018

Search Committee announces slate of candidates

January 2019

Walkabouts of the Diocese

February 9, 2019

Special Electing Convention, location TBA

June 29, 2019

The Rt. Rev. Barry L Beisner retires

June 29, 2019

Consecration of 8th Bishop of The Diocese of Northern California, location TBA

Search Committee


After a prayerful and intentional process, the following persons have been invited to serve as members of the Search Committee with discerning and committed hearts: 

Mary R. Davy, Chair - St. Michael’s, Carmichael, Capital Deanery 
Kirk Bone - Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento, Capital Deanery 
Rosemary Braxton - Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento, Capital Deanery 
The Rev. Todd Bruce - Trinity Church, Folsom, Capital Deanery 
The Rev. Canon Tina Campbell, Deacon - Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento, Capital Deanery 
The Rev. Dr. Sean Cox - Faith Church, Cameron Park, Capital Deanery 
The Rev. Rod Davis - St. Michael’s, Carmichael, Capital Deanery 
The Rev. Dr. Pamela Dolan - St. Martin’s, Davis, Wingfield Deanery 
The Rev. Jeanne Forte, Chaplain - St. Paul’s, Benicia, Wingfield Deanery 
Asleain "Scotty" Hodges - Grace Church, Fairfield, Wingfield Deanery 
Catherine Mace - Christ Church, Eureka, Semper Virens Deanery 
John Ochoa - All Saints, Sacramento, Capital Deanery 
Robert Pritchard - St. John’s, Roseville, Central Deanery 
Jim Sargent - St. Michael’s, Carmichael, Capital Deanery 
The Rev. Kate Sefton, Deacon - St. Stephen’s, Sebastapol, Russian River Deanery 
Erika Trez - Grace, St. Helena, Wingfield Deanery 
The Rev. Matt Warren - Christ the King, Quincy, Sierra Deanery 
Donna Jo Woollen - St. Barnabas, Mt. Shasta, Alta California Deanery

Transitions Committee

Front row, from left: Ane Deister (chair), Carol Kent, Renee Pierce, Anne Smith, Mary Higbee, Jeanne Forte (chaplain); middle row: Kacei Conyers, Jay Elmquist, Megan Anderson, Maria Acuna-Feldman, Mary Goshert, Diane Schoenrock; back row: William Chisum, Barry Watkins, Lynne Thomas, Dan Boeger, Lucretia Jenve.

Under the oversight of the Standing Committee of the Diocese, the Transition Committee will be charged with a minimum of the following responsibilities:

  • Planning and conducting the "walkabouts" (the visits of the finalists and their spouses and partners) prior to the election
  • Support and assist the Standing Committee to hold the electing convention
  • Assist the Presiding Bishop's Office in the planning of the Consecration service
  • Planning and conducting two major hospitality events on the weekend of the Consecration
  • Assist in helping the bishop elect's smooth transition into the diocese
  • Provide attentive pastoral care and thanks to the candidates not elected
Special Electing Convention

Convention delegates and alternates elected at 2018 parish annual meetings will serve as the delegates and alternates for Diocesan Convention and the Electing Convention on February 9, 2019.

Important: All delegates and alternates are required by Canon to be certified at least 90 days before a convention (You don’t want to be the church that can’t vote for the next bishop!)

Other information

The Standing Committee will name both the Search Committee and Transitions Committee and govern the process. The Standing Committee takes on a similar role to the vestry in a rector search process.  The Standing Committee has ecclesiastical authority/responsibility in the absence of a bishop.  The Office of the Bishop will not be involved in the search process for a new bishop, except minimally for necessary administrative tasks to assist and support the Search, Transitions, and Standing Committees’ work.

The creation of the Diocesan Profile will solicit input from the entire Diocese. The 2018 Congregational Leadership Conferences (CLC) may be used by the Search Committee to gather information for the Profile. Dates and locations:

  • 2/10/18 Incarnation, Santa Rosa,

  • 2/24 St. Albans, Arcata,

  • 3/10 St. John's, Roseville.

Stay tuned through the Diocesan website for forthcoming information and updates: