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What to Expect

We gather to pray and play, study and sing, worship and wonder, all for the purpose to build God's kingdom,  grow in love, and deepen our relationship with Jesus.

Meet Reverend Mary

Sunday Schedule

8:00am Holy Eucharist Rite II (spoken)

10:00am Holy Eucharist Rite II (with Choir)

5:00pm Themed music, scripture reading, votive candle lighting, prayers & communion


2140 Mission Avenue Carmichael, CA 95608



Vestry & Diocesan Delegates


The ministry of the Vestry at St. Michael’s includes strategic governance.  The expectation is that the Vestry will lead the parish to be a relevant, welcoming and Christ centered place.  Many members are involved in other areas of interest, but the focus of this ministry is to lead the leaders of the church.  Each vestry member identifies a ministry in which they will participate as a liaison between the committee work and the strategic goals which are updated yearly.  The goal is to help our ministries stay focused and help the work being done get communicated better throughout the congregation.  It is the role of the Vestry to keep the church fiscally responsible.  We meet regularly to discuss and identify areas of concern as well as areas to celebrate!  We want help all members grow and spread the gospel to those who have not yet experienced it.

Annual Report

2017 St. Michael's Annual Report

2018-2019 Vestry Members

Suzanne Phinney, Senior Warden

Dave Decker, Junior Warden

Emily Brown, Clerk 

Cary Adams, Marquita Fabre, Duane Paul, Renee Pierce, John Quene, Diane Rehrer-Salisbury, Lisa Sargent, and Esta Wiederanders

Bob McMichael, Treasurer

2018 Diocesan Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California

November 9-10, 2018, Redding Civic Auditorium, Redding, California

Diocesan Convention Website

2018-2019 Diocesan Delegates to Convention

Janice Bowdler, Mary Ellen Ferguson, Tina Ferriot, Kate Muris, Lisa Sargent, Suzanne Phinney, and Mary Groesbeck 

St. Michael's Diocesan Delegates' represent St. Michael's at the annual convention.  There are deanery convocations to inform the delegates what canon changes and resolutions will be presented at convention.  In addition, they elect members of the diocese to fill vacant governance roles at the diocesan level.   The dates for the 2018 annual convention are yet to be determined.  Also in 2018, the delegates elected then will be representatives that will vote in a Special Electing Convention to be held on February 9, 2019.

Highlights of the 2017 Episcopal Diocese of Northern California's Convention


Bishop Barry Beisner will retire in June of 2019.  The standing committee has put together a search committee in which three members of St. Michael's will be part of:  Mary Davy, Jim Sargent, and The Rev. Rod Davis.  Mary will act as Chair to the Bishop's Search Committee.  


a. There was an overwhelming sense of support for the Center and the direction it is taking.  This was apparent by the standing ovation that proceeded the report.

b. TAKEAWAY  St. Michael’s can become stronger by the progress made by the larger Episcopal presence in the communities most in need. Our involvement with St. Matthews is changing our perceptions of refugees and we can share that insight with those we interact in our day to day lives.


a. Camp Noel Porter

The Camp Noel Porter (CNP) board is exploring many options for the property.  Nothing has been decided at this point.   You can visit for more information.  What is to become of the St. Nicholas’ congregation is on all our minds.  This is being considered seriously by the CNP Board and the Board of Trustees of the diocese.

There is already a partnership with Camp Galilee and it is growing stronger every year.1. It was a surprise to many the amount of money CNP dormant was costing the Diocese, i.e., $40,000 to $50,000 annually.

All the ideas that were shared by the participants in the CNP break out session were very positive, creative and workable. However, it is too cost prohibitive to the Diocese to make the necessary investment to update the camp to be safe for campers and realistic to use by other groups. 

 b. It was exciting to hear that the Semper Virens Deanery (Arcata/Eureka) can run Camp Living Waters in a sparsely populated, remote area of the state.

c. Campus Ministry report – particularly the LEVN program:  Belfry and LEVN is serving college graduates who want to work in social services after college.d. There was an abundance of hope felt for youth programs within the church.


a. Cookie Clark was honored with the title “Canon.”

b. Passion advocacy was expressed by all of delegates and organizations for others within the church and their many different ministries.


a. The Refugee & Immigration Policy Presentation informed the delegation on how to get involved in advocacy work. The Episcopal Church has strong representation in Washington D.C.


a. The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California has been involved in helping many of those suffering from the recent Disasters in Northern California.  Our churches came together to help fire victims who suffered loss last year as well as this year.


a. Worship was beautiful, different and joyous.

b. We have an opportunity to continue to offer scholarships to children in our church as well as the Day School through camp Galilee and Bishop’s Ranch.

c. Takeaway: A new commitment to update St. Michael’s disaster plan.