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What to Expect

We gather to pray and play, study and sing, worship and wonder, all for the purpose to build God's kingdom,  grow in love, and deepen our relationship with Jesus.

Meet Reverend Mary

Sunday Schedule

8:00am Holy Eucharist Rite II (spoken)

10:00am Holy Eucharist Rite II (with Choir)

5:00pm Themed music, scripture reading, votive candle lighting, prayers & communion


2140 Mission Avenue Carmichael, CA 95608




St. Michael’s is a praying community

We connect through prayer.  Prayer is a powerful way to change the world, especially because of the change it makes in the person praying.  Prayers for others are acts of compassion and love and as a result our hearts grow bigger and we begin the understand the world differently.  

Easter Anglican Prayer Bead Practice

Please contact The Rev. Rod Davis with any questions.

We have three different options for prayer requests:
  1. Prayer list which is published in our weekly Sunday bulletin.  We share this list with the Day School. Click here to email the office with a prayer request.  This list is generally reserved for members of the parish, The Day School and immediate family members of the church or school.
  2. Confidential Men’s Prayer List:  If you have a prayer you would like to add to this prayer list, please contact The Rev. Rod Davis through email.  
  3. A confidential prayer chain that is maintained by the office.  Click here to email the office to add a name. There are also prayer request cards in the pew pockets available to you. Simply put them in the  offering plate. 
Some helpful information
  • We do not add names unless we have been asked to add them.  
  • All pastoral concerns are kept confidential and names will not be added to any list unless permission has been granted beforehand. 
  • It is helpful to keep the prayer team up to date on with the condition of the person/group for whom the prayers are being requested.  
  • There are times when names need to be taken off the list, however, this does not mean that the person is no longer receiving prayers.  Once we pray for someone, the relationship remains on the heart, even if it is not in the forefront of the mind.
  • Prayer expands our ability to love and gain compassion, it is good for everyone!

It is a privilege to be a partner in prayer with you.